Professional Committees

Brokerage Business Committee
Date:2021-06-09 作者: 来源:
1. Implement, promote and complete the laws, regulations and policies of the state and regulators on development of futures brokerage business; 
2. Study and draft the self-regulatory rules on futures brokerage business, to promote the standardized development of the industry; 
3. Study important issues including those on brokerage innovation model and mechanism, and put forward solutions, opinions and suggestions on promoting innovative development of brokerage business; 
4. Strengthen communications with relevant organizations, actively reflect industry demands, maintain the order of fair competition, and strive for a favorable development environment; 
5. Strengthen the communication and cooperation with member units about futures brokerage business and establish a business exchange platform, to promote the development of futures brokerage business; 
6. Enhance the standardized management over futures brokers, and assist in conducting personnel training and examination; 
7. Other duties authorized or entrusted by the council.