Professional Committees

Derivatives Traders Committee
Date:2021-06-09 作者: 来源:

1.Cultivate and develop various professional trading entities in futures and derivatives market, including dealers, market makers, traders, etc. ;

2.Conduct prospective study on risk management service and OTC derivatives business, establish projects to discuss about relevant major issues as well as to put forward specific solutions and suggestions;

3.Research and develop industrial standards and self-regulatory rules on risk management service and OTC derivatives business, to promote the standardized development of the business;

4.Research and boost the innovation of service pattern in risk management and OTC derivatives business, and improve the product design and risk control capabilities;

5.Establish communication and cooperation platforms and mechanisms, to promote the exchange and cooperation between futures and derivatives traders;

6.Assist in propelling the talent cultivation to improve the general personnel quality of the OTC market, derivatives and other relevant fields;

7.Boost the development of counter operations of futures operating institutions and develop OTC derivatives transactions among the institutions;

8.Other duties authorized or entrusted by the council.