Professional Committees

Information Technology Committee
Date:2021-06-09 作者: 来源:
1. Survey, collect, analyze and feed back the industry opinions and suggestions within the scope of responsibility of the Committee, and organize the preparation of industry IT development report; 
2. Support relevant work on industry IT development according to the deployment of China Securities Regulatory Commission; 
3. Assess the implementation of plans, laws and regulations and technical guidance (standards) by the futures companies, and provide consultations and basis for regulators’ implementation of technical regulation work; 
4. Research and draft relevant IT guidance of futures companies, the practice standards and work instructions for industry technicians, and relevant statistics standards in the industry; 
5. Reinforce the industry IT risk self-control mechanism, to ensure the safety of futures information system; 
6. Assist in conducting IT application research and trainings, as well as technical inspection for futures companies; 
7. Coordinate members' technology resources, to provide necessary assistance for emergency disposal in case of any technical accident; 
8. Promote the industrial exchange and international cooperation about futures IT and carry out exchange activities and meetings concerning IT of the futures industry; 
9. Other duties authorized or entrusted by the council.