Professional Committees

Talent Cultivation Committee
Date:2021-06-09 作者: 来源:
1. Organize theoretical research and exchange for the development and management of human resources in the futures industry, research the talent demands for industrial development, develop, promote and implement the futures industry talent development strategies; 
2. Coordinate and facilitate the cultivation of talents in futures industry, and put forward specific measures and suggestions on implementation of talent cultivation; 
3. Research and boost the team construction and classification and grading certification systems for professionals in the futures industry, to standardize the practices of futures practitioners; 
4. Organize and conduct the training, cooperation and talent exchange activities at home and abroad, accelerate the establishment of foreign and domestic professionals training bases, and continue assessing those; 
5. Promote higher education institutions and social training agencies to strengthen professional or occupational futures education, and establish complete education systems for reserve talents of futures industry; 
6. Other duties authorized or entrusted by the council.