Professional Committees

Research & Development Committee
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1.Track and study hot and major issues occurring in the development of futures market, and give opinions and suggestions;

2.Research and demonstrate relevant policies and schemes in the industry, and propose suggestions and opinions on policies to legislative authority, judicial authority, regulators, etc. on behalf of the association;

3.Research the function positioning of self-regulatory organizations of the industry, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the development strategy, functioning, work plan, etc. of the association;

4.Guide and participate in the research on major theoretical and practical issues of the futures market, to promote theoretical and practical development of this market;

5.Guide and participate in the compilation of research books and publications of the association;

6.Guide and participate in comparison and appraisal work related to researches in the futures industry;

7.Carry out research and exchange activities in the futures industry, to promote the exchange and cooperation between the association and domestic and foreign academic institutions and organizations of the same kind;

8.Other duties authorized or entrusted by the council.