Professional Committees

Financial Technology Committee
Date:2021-06-09 作者: 来源:

1.Implement the national "Internet + Action Plan", promote the innovative development of Internet financial business in the futures industry, and provide opinions and suggestions on relevant laws, regulations, policies and supervision;

2.Study the development trend of Internet finance, explore the innovative development mode of Internet finance in the futures industry under the premise of controllable risks, guide the futures companies to establish Internet business concepts, and promote the innovation of Internet-based business model, organizational model and technical architecture;

3.Study and formulate regulations for the Internet financial business of the futures companies, promote the standardized development of relevant businesses;

4.Promote exchanges between the futures companies and Internet companies, explore modes of mutually beneficial cooperation, and create new business formats;

5.Reflect the innovation demands of Internet finance in the futures industry, and strive for a favorable development environment and policy support;

6.Other work authorized or entrusted by the council.