Professional Committees

Law Committee
Date:2021-06-09 作者: 来源:

1. Put forward suggestions and advices on legislation and policies of futures industry, and promote the legal construction of futures industry;

2.Strengthen communication and coordination with regulatory departments, legislative, judicial and administrative departments, reflect the voice of the industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, and create a legal environment conducive to the development of futures industry;

3. Popularize and publicize the legal knowledge of futures, strengthen the legal awareness of members and industries, and improve the level of legal practice of members and industries;

4. Carry out the communication of legal  relevant work in futures industry, discuss hot and difficult legal issues together, organize discussion, communication and coordinate the legal issues in the process of management and dispute resolution of members;

5. Organize and coordinate the research work and practice research activities of futures legal subject, and provide legal professional theoretical and practical services for members;

6. Other work authorized or entrusted by the Council.