Professional Committees

Social Responsibility Committee
Date:2021-06-09 作者: 来源:

1.Research and formulate the Convention on the fulfillment of social responsibility of futures industry, promote industry institutions to improve the self-restraint mechanism, and strengthen the awareness of social responsibility;

2.Study and formulate the Rural Revitalization work plan of futures industry, and put forward opinions and suggestions on Rural Revitalization policy of futures industry;

3.Study and formulate the evaluation scheme and relevant rules of Rural Revitalization of futures companies, and organize and carry out the annual evaluation of Rural Revitalization of futures companies;

4.Organize the selection of outstanding cases of Rural Revitalization of futures industry, compile reports on the fulfillment of social responsibilities of futures industry, and carry out external publicity of Rural Revitalization of futures industry;

5.Organize and carry out a series of professional training for rural revitalization, and promote the professional assistance means of futures industry to develop in depth;

6.Organize research, discussion and exchange activities on social responsibility of futures industry and rural revitalization, so as to enhance the ability and experience of industry institutions to participate in relevant work;

7.Establish an information sharing mechanism for futures industry to fulfill its social responsibility and serve rural revitalization;

8.Other work authorized or entrusted by the Council.