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Cargill Group visited CFA
Date:2020-12-17 Author: Source:

On December 17, 2020, Mr. Marcel Smits, Cargill Executive Vice President and Head of Strategy and Mr. Dong Yuxin, Head of the Asia-Pacific Region of Risk Management Firm, visited the China Futures Association. Chairman Hong Lei and Mrs. Li Mengna, Head of Innovation Support had a meeting with the Cargill delegation group.


Cargill Group is one of the world's four largest grain merchants and the world's largest privately-owned agricultural and animal husbandry company. Its service areas cover the entire industrial chain of agricultural products and food production, processing, distribution, and trade. In order to better serve customers by carrying out risk management business. Cargill express a strong willingness to participate in the domestic OTC derivatives market, hoping to register with the CFA and incorporate it into self-regulation supervision, which is a common international practice.


Chairman Hong Lei welcomed the visit of Cargill and he is affirmed the mature model of Cargill's full-industry chain service. Chairman Hong believes that Cargill has fully met the needs of upstream and downstream customers, spanned the spot market and truly served the industry and the real economy. Both parties agreed that they will continue to cooperate in research and other related areas to jointly explore the opportunities that further promote the development of the China commodity and OTC derivatives market.